Reconditioned Topcon OS Series Total Station

12 Month Calibration Certificate   ·   Quick & Easy Setup


Topcon OS Series is Perfect for Site Work

One tap for precise positioning

The OS-100 is a professional-grade, compact total station with a touchscreen interface. Our exclusive LongLink wireless communication technology, coupled with a robust EDM, enables the total station to automatically aim for the target, track it, lock onto it and measure it quickly and easily. The on-board MAGNET Field software enables quick field measurements including cross sections, full COGO (coordinate geometry) calculations and surface staking with just a single tap on an icon.

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The definition of tough

With the latest total station technology in an IP65-rated housing, the OS-100 is built for on-the-go tasks. This total station features far-reaching, precise-firing EDM capability; extended-use batteries and on-board MAGNET Field data-collection software.

  • Intuitive MAGNET® Field data-collection software on board
  • Powerful EDM for rapid, repeatable measurements
  • Convenient EDM trigger key with minimal disturbance
  • Reflectorless design

OS-Series Specifications

General Display                            Dual LCD Touchscreen   (OS-105 Single Display)
Battery Operation                        Up to 20 hours
Wireless Connection                   Bluetooth® Class 1
Certifications and Standards
Dust/Water Protection              IP65
Angle Measurement
Min. Res/Accuracy
OS-101: 0.5”/1”
OS-102: 1”/2”
OS-103: 1”/3”
OS-105: 1”/5”
(Single Display)
Compensation                             Dual-axis compensator
Distance Measurement
Prism EDM Range                      4000m
Measuring Time                          Fine: 0.9 sec
                                                        Rapid: 0.7 sec
                                                        Tracking: 0.3 sec
General                                         LongLink™
                                                       Bluetooth® Class 1
                                                       USB 2.0 Slot
(Host + Slave)
                                                      RS-232C Serial
Operating Temperature*
-30ºC to +60ºC
*Special Arctic and Desert versions available