Calibration Prices

All Makes and Models

Automatic Level *£20.00
Precise Automatic Levels *£30.00
Digital Level *£50.00
Exterior Rotating Laser Level *£45.00
Interior Rotating Laser Level *£45.00
Grade Laser Level *£50.00
Pipe Laser *£35.00
Total Station *£95.00
Reflectorless Total Station *£95.00
One Man Robotic Total Station *£195.00
Prism Stations *£25.00
Safety Equipment
Cable locator (CAT) *£45.00
Genny/Transmitter *£45.00
Gas Monitor *£45.00
*Please Note Prices are based on Standard Calibration


Our service centre provides recognised top class calibration and repair to a wide range of Survey Equipment and Laser. In line with manufacturer’s recommendations, it is vital for site safety and quality assurance purposes that all equipment used on site is calibrated, serviced and checked at the proper intervals by a recognised service centre.
  • Calibration certificates will be supplied on request
  • A replacement instrument can be arranged, whilst yours is in for service
  • Collection, service and return delivery can be arranged via one quick phone call 0208 953 1333.