Fibre Glass Staff


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Heavy duty non-conductive measuring staff complete with bag and bubble. 
Standard E reading on one side and 5mm graduations for precision work on the other. 
Rectangular shape with rounded back corners for a better grip. 
Stand-off ribs protect scales on both sides. 
Glare resistant scales recessed and graduated to fill the entire face of the staff. 
Dual Measuring Scales – British E Reading graduation on the front 5mm scale on the reverse which allows the user to read the overall height at eye-level. 
Useful in making clearance and height measurements. 
Made of strong fibreglass with special reinforcing ribs to resist breakage and add stability. 
The staff is waterproof and corrosion resistant non-conductive and will not dent or kink. 
Reliable unbreakable buttons securely lock sections together. 
The locking mechanism is tight and accurate yet designed to resist jamming from sand and dirt. 
The easily removable locking mechanisms make disassembly for cleaning and maintenance a quick and easy job. 
Compatible with all laser detectors WITHOUT any need for special brackets. 
Detectors can be attached anywhere along the CR Series eliminating the problem of dead spots.