EZiROD 50m

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The EZiROD is connected to an EZiTEX signal transmitter, inserted and pushed along the utility under investigation. Using an EZiCAT cable locator to locate it on the surface, you can trace pipes which do not produce their own signal and which you are unable to apply a signal to (i.e. plastic pipe).

The EZiROD is ideal for:

  • Tracing the path of small diameter pipes or drains
  • Locating blockages or collapses in drains
  • Locating or tracing non-metallic pipes that don’t produce a signal.

The depth range of the EZiROD is 3m in power mode, 2m in radio mode and 3m in transmitter mode.

Please Note: You will need to use a cable locator that has depth estimation to get a depth reading.

Make: EZiROD, Model: 50m
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The EZiROD is a flexible rod which enables the complete length of a non–metallic drain, duct or pipe to be traced when used in conjunction with an EZiTEX signal transmitter and EZiCAT cable locator.

The EZiROD is available in lengths of 30m, 50m or 80m

The EZiROD is available in lengths of 30m, 50m or 80m


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